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Banana upside down cake

*Swear word warning. Contains swear words. May offend sensitive viewers.*   Put it right way up inside your bellah! I mean holyfuckingshit look at that ooey gooey shit hot caramelized banana fucking upside down cake! Wanna make it? You KNOW you do. Get these for the banana … [Read More...]


What to expect from a nutritional consultation

...with me anyways. I can't speak on behalf of the others out there and there are many. During my training I used a template to take case notes, working through the body systems and parts and organs from the head down to the feet, very comprehensive and often lengthy to complete. Also, it … [Read More...]


Flourless Orange Cake

I first ate this cake when I worked at a trendy cafe in a trendy suburb where trendy people came and ordered their food from me, standing there in my leggings and black Dunlop Volleys with my pen … [Read More...]


Israeli couscous with peas, feta and mint

Israeli couscous is better than regular couscous in my opinion, more mouthy, more bite to it because of its cutey cute little ball size. It's toasted pasta, by the way. Little tiny balls of toasted … [Read More...]


ProBlogger Conference 2014

If you are hoping for an inspiring and educational summary of what I took away from the annual ProBlogger Conference then please type "What I learned at ProBlogger 2014" into Google and there you'll … [Read More...]


Frozen themed cupcakes

Please note the use of the word "theme" in the title of this post. I have just spent ten minutes on Pinterest looking at Frozen cakes and I'm preeeety sure these aren't destined for re-pins. Thing … [Read More...]


Baked muesli with activated nuts and seeds.

Shit I just spent twenty minutes trying to find SEO words for the title of this post and ended up watching an introduction to a Paleo lifestyle video on the MindBodyGreen website (muesli recipe there … [Read More...]

Top5 ways to make kale taste good.

*I'd like to preface this post with a piss take approach warning. Not to be taken seriously. Not to offend the lovers of kale. Not to start war with kaleos.* 1. FRY IT MOTHERF*CKER! Nothing can … [Read More...]