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A new normal.

What is normal and what is common are often perceived to be one and the same. Marriage is common. But it's not normal. Heterosexuality is common. But it's not normal. Formula feeding babies is common. But it's not normal. Veganism is common. But it's not normal. Having a mortgage is … [Read More...]


Recipe Round Up #1

I recently penned a guest post for Mrs Woog, with some general guidelines for feeding a growing teenager. You can read it here. I mention a few recipe / meal ideas and thought I'd round them up for a quick reference if anyone came cruising by, but also for the benefit of Katie180 regulars. If … [Read More...]

Version 2

Lamington mini bundt cakes.

I bought myself a mini bundt tin. Because nothing says cute like a mini bundt cake. Especially one that marries the flavour profile of a lamington with the familiarity of a vanilla … [Read More...]


Maple cinnamon pumpkin muffins

Don't be afraid of the word pumpkin and muffin joined together. These aren't stodgy, lumpy, pretending to be yummy lumps of turd. These are subtly spiced, sweet, dense little … [Read More...]


Which fats do I use for cooking and eating?

I was raised eating margarine, big ol' plastic tubs of Meadow Lea with the bright yellow sunflower adorning its lid. Healthy golden sunflower oil! Plants! Sun! Better for you than butter! We cooked … [Read More...]


Q&A: Fibre in my kids’ diet.

Reader Q: "My son has had blood in his stools... Can I seek your input on getting more fibre into kid's diets?" K180 A: Allow me to preface this post by acknowledging that this is not a … [Read More...]


180Mateys – Louisa from Texas

I tell yer, I LOVE Instagram. Hard. Some people are all "Why you there so much, why you OVERshare?" and I'm just like "Why you *know* I'm there so much, why you OVERcare?" If you MUST know, curious … [Read More...]


Paleolithic mothers’ group double chocolate muffins

Purely speculation, but if you rocked up to a Paleolithic era mothers' group with a basket of these double chocolate muffins they'd be scoffed in seconds flat, hairy toddler at the breast, long, … [Read More...]