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Strawberry and beetroot “jam”.

The slightly earthy flavour of beetroot is barely detectable once stewed with juicy strawberries and just enough sugar to kick the sweetness up a notch. I've called this "jam" but it's not truly jam, there's a little chia gel and lemon juice to act as setting agents, but it's got a more fibrous … [Read More...]


How to hand knead bread.

With the exception for an occasional purchased loaf of sourdough, these days I make my own. I started doing this last year, it was something I had long wanted to do and one day I just pulled my finger out and set to it. It's been a journey and I'm not yet where I want to be: which is using my own … [Read More...]


Roast tomato and capsicum pasta

I am not afraid of pasta; I'm not afraid of carbohydrates in grain form. I love pasta quite a lot, actually. We have a pasta based meal once a week: where pasta is the star, you know? The … [Read More...]


FAQ about what it’s like being an Attachment Parent

Warning: this post contains strong language and sarcasm. People ask me these questions. They really do. *Still.* Q: Doesn't your back get sore carrying her around like that all the time? A: … [Read More...]


Katie180 reviews the Ergo360

In brief: It is more padded than the original Ergo and as such, thicker and hotter. Its waist band is wide and made of Velcro, so it's noisy and can stick to clothing. Aside from a few new … [Read More...]


Q&A: Nutritional medicine for liver support.

When time permits, I can offer suggestions with-out the design of a typical consultation, and the information is shared for all to see and hopefully some may benefit. The onus is on the individual … [Read More...]


School daze.

I blinked and it was the last night of the last school holidays before my first baby would return to school for her last term of her first year of school. So many firsts and lasts. The days … [Read More...]


Finger Buns (Bunzzzzz!)

I baked my own pink iced finger buns on the weekend. Yes I did. It took three hours from start to finish but you know I was just going mental at home with the smalls anyways. So what's a slow bake … [Read More...]