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Carrot cake cookie sandwiches with cream cheese

On my way to sleep last night, I was trying to zen out and think of nothing but my own breath (you know, meditate) but instead I conjured up an image of a carroty chewy cookie smothered in cream cheese. Still helped me sleep but dammit I wasn't going to be able to tonight if I didn't make my … [Read More...]


Apple, blueberry and strawberry jam muffins

I am onto something with the muffins now - *finally* got my muffin game ON. I think it's got something to do with actually paying attention to the instructions in just about every muffin recipe I've ever followed and NOT OVER MIXING (seriously, else you end up with a hard muff and nobody likes a … [Read More...]


Chocolate-choc-chip-banana chocolate frosted slice

My 5 year old tells me I am the "best cake maker in the whole world!" and I fervently hope with all of my heart that she thinks this of me for always. If she asks for cake, I do what I can to make … [Read More...]


Brown rice pudding

I have made and published something very similar to this once before (you can read it here), but this version uses pre-cooked rice, less sugar and has pears added. The pre-cooked rice gives the … [Read More...]


Pancakes with oat and almond meal, caramelized pears and maple yoghurt

BRING IT. What you'll need to make 6 large pancakes: 1/2 cup wholemeal self raising flour 1/4 cup oat meal 1/4 cup almond meal 1 tablespoon brown sugar (I used Panela) 1 cup whole … [Read More...]

Phytocare  feature image

Phytocare giveaway update

The three recipients of the Phytocare giveaway have been selected. I outsourced the selection process to Sharon at Phytocare because... I'd have wanted to pick everyone! I phoned her last Friday to … [Read More...]


Dermatitis of the hands – my experience.

Over the summer I developed what I thought was a common fungal infection between my last and second last toes on my left foot. It was incredibly itchy and spread between these two toes but not to any … [Read More...]


Lamb shanks with Parmesan polenta

Awww man, stonking piles of creamy, cheesy polenta always makes me think of gypsy caravans, parked in a circle around a huge fire, little ones rugged up in hand woven rugs with dirty outdoor play … [Read More...]