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Top5 ways to make kale taste good.

*I'd like to preface this post with a piss take approach warning. Not to be taken seriously. Not to offend the lovers of kale. Not to start war with kaleos.* 1. FRY IT MOTHERF*CKER! Nothing can stand up to the taste bud wow factor of batter, hot oil and seasoning. You heard me, dip that … [Read More...]

Top5 Anti-lurgy travel supplements.

Someone recently asked me how to avoid catching germs when traveling, making note of all the BREATH one breathes in when on board a plane. All that OTHER PEOPLES' breath being recycled around the air conditioning and the cramped conditions 30, 000 feet above earth. Eww. As if flying wasn't scary … [Read More...]


Chocolate cake with malt and coconut / butter icing.

This is my basic chocolate cake but with malted barley syrup instead of jam. Ingredients: 125g butter, cubed, softened 2 free range eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (try not to use essence … [Read More...]


Malted barley oatmeal cookies

WORD UP! Here are the experimental cookies I baked today. From the pantry: Wholemeal self raising flour Raw sugar Oats Vanilla extract From the fridge: Free range … [Read More...]


Pernicious anemia ~ what is it?

(This is a brief description only.) What is Pernicious Anemia? Pernicious anemia is a type of anemia whereby the red blood cell production is compromised because of a deficiency of Vitamin B12 … [Read More...]

On hating, being hated and how much I loathe this word.

You know I'm all up there with the strong language, hardly a day goes by without some f-bombs being attached to a blurb on Instagram or a post on Facebook. Yes, I enjoy these four letter words and … [Read More...]

Q&A with Katie180: nutritious smoothie for kids.

Today I received an email from a reader who wants some advice about how to oomph up smoothies for her nearly two year old girl who weighs only very little to begin with (she was born prematurely and … [Read More...]


DIY feather head dress

What you'll need: Feathers from a craft store, white preferably but coloured will work too. PVA glue. Craft paint. Glitter. Plain elastic head … [Read More...]