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Bacon is not a superfood, don’t take the piss.

Bacon. Food? Yes. Super? No. Further, if you say "superfood" to me one more time, I'm going to be expecting a cupcake in a cape and some big ass undies with a shiny headband or frankly, you can sod off. Cheers. Accordingly with the I Quit Sugar team (who accordingly with My Health Wire, … [Read More...]


My name is Katie Rainbird and I am a tandem breastfeeder

About this time last year I had an article published (upon commission) for Kidspot, on the subject of tandem breastfeeding. I wrote it with pleasure, happy to share for anyone interested to know about it. Not for the many hundreds, nay - thousands! of people who found it to be so uninteresting … [Read More...]


Deep and Meaningful (1)

(I first wrote the following words on Instagram last week) Accountability. I have been thinking and thinking on this word and its theme as it applies to me as a blogger and a frequent social media … [Read More...]

Feature Image Lactation cookies

Lactation cookies that are actually yummy

I bake and eat lactation cookies not because I have breast milk supply problems (except for that one time a few months ago when Juni went on a little strike, eep!), but because I don't want to have … [Read More...]


Perfect oven baked chips

Here's how I make hot chips. I preheat my oven to hot - about 220C. To serve two adults I take 2 - 3 large brushed potatoes, rinse and then cut into chips. Then I put them into a frying pan, … [Read More...]


Sugar and salt roasted tomatoes

This is a nice and easy way to turn cherry tomatoes into something a bit special and very versatile. Preheat the oven to 220C (400F or so). Line a baking tray. Rinse and halve two punnets of … [Read More...]

Feature Banana Chip Shortbread

Banana chip shortbread cookies

An experiment that went well. Not really shortbread, no rice flour etc. but owing to the dried banana meal they are short and crunchy.   Ingredients to make about 40: 200g butter, … [Read More...]

Deep and Meaningful.

I come off quite ballsy and I am. But I'm also pretty soft and sensitive. Actually I'm mostly the latter and I push myself to be the former because it serves me. Anyone who really knows me, … [Read More...]