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Q&A: Fibre in my kids’ diet.

Reader Q: "My son has had blood in his stools... Can I seek your input on getting more fibre into kid's diets?" K180 A: Allow me to preface this post by acknowledging that this is not a clinical consult, I do not have a family history or a diet diary. I do not have a physical picture of this … [Read More...]


180Mateys – Louisa from Texas

I tell yer, I LOVE Instagram. Hard. Some people are all "Why you there so much, why you OVERshare?" and I'm just like "Why you *know* I'm there so much, why you OVERcare?" If you MUST know, curious and annoying persons: it's because it's a great microblogging platform, the engagement with your … [Read More...]


Paleolithic mothers’ group double chocolate muffins

Purely speculation, but if you rocked up to a Paleolithic era mothers' group with a basket of these double chocolate muffins they'd be scoffed in seconds flat, hairy toddler at the breast, long, … [Read More...]


Chocolate beetroot brownie cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting

I'm never sure how to summarize my experiment cakes, so I just name them what they are hybrids of. In this case: a chocolate brownie and a chocolate beetroot cake and kind of sort of but not really … [Read More...]


Mushrooms as a source of vitamin D

The Australian Mushroom Growers commissioned me to write on the subject of mushrooms and vitamin D. I really enjoyed reading (and reading!, I went down a rabbit hole) in preparation to write this … [Read More...]


My breastfeeding does not “make” anyone feel bad

I know that this topic pretty quickly divides folks up so I will start off by putting it out there that I am saying these things FROM MY HEART. And if they divide you against me then that is your … [Read More...]


Carrot cake cookie sandwiches with cream cheese

On my way to sleep last night, I was trying to zen out and think of nothing but my own breath (you know, meditate) but instead I conjured up an image of a carroty chewy cookie smothered in cream … [Read More...]


Apple, blueberry and strawberry jam muffins

I am onto something with the muffins now - *finally* got my muffin game ON. I think it's got something to do with actually paying attention to the instructions in just about every muffin recipe … [Read More...]