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Finger Buns (Bunzzzzz!)

I baked my own pink iced finger buns on the weekend. Yes I did. It took three hours from start to finish but you know I was just going mental at home with the smalls anyways. So what's a slow bake project added to the mix?! Do you secretly still love finger buns? Did you buy them at the school … [Read More...]


Diet when recurrent ear infections are present in young children.

Otitis media: inflammation of the middle ear. OUCH right? Your baby/toddler has a reddened ear that they're tugging at or pounding on. They are super fussy, irritable, can't sleep, are crying and won't be put down or left alone. You've been to the Doctor already, just last month and antibiotics … [Read More...]

This is what medium chain fatty acids look like, nothing to be scared of!

Which coconut oil is best to use?

Help me Katie-oh-180. You are my only hope. Help me choose: organic, conventional, refined, unrefined. I'm so confused! It's a lot of fat to chew, I know. In a (coco)nut shell: unrefined … [Read More...]


Our new home.

We were at our old home for 8+ years. We moved in the first year I started college and I recall it being quite stressful, the rental market in the Inner West at that time was pretty hardcore, there … [Read More...]


Pizza salad pots

You may or may not know that I've recently moved house. I'm knackered. Seriously I think I aged during this move, I've never moved with kids before. I look in the mirror and see a haggard, wild eyed … [Read More...]


A new normal.

What is normal and what is common are often perceived to be one and the same. Marriage is common. But it's not normal. Heterosexuality is common. But it's not normal. Formula feeding babies … [Read More...]


Recipe Round Up #1

I recently penned a guest post for Mrs Woog, with some general guidelines for feeding a growing teenager. You can read it here. I mention a few recipe / meal ideas and thought I'd round them up for … [Read More...]

Version 2

Lamington mini bundt cakes.

I bought myself a mini bundt tin. Because nothing says cute like a mini bundt cake. Especially one that marries the flavour profile of a lamington with the familiarity of a vanilla … [Read More...]