Probiotics, Preconception and Pregnancy.


This is a guest post written by my peer Angela Sinclair who holds qualifications in Western Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Naturopathy and practices as Digestive Detective - specialising in digestive health. Angela practises in Sydney and can be contacted via her website, click here. Lately … [Read more...]

Nutrient Profile: Vitamin A.


"Vitamin A" is not a singular nutrient, rather a term given to variety of lipid (fat)-soluble compounds related to RETINOL. Retinol, retinal and retinoic acid are RETINOIDS and are referred to as PRE-formed vitamin A. Retinoids are stored in the liver of animals, they are from animal sources in … [Read more...]

Does washing fruit and veg in vinegar really make a difference?


The answer is: YES. Washing something that has come from the dirt, sprayed during its growth, handled during harvest, handled during sorting, handled during packing, handled during transit, handled during unpacking and then handled again by who knows how many hands once on display at the … [Read more...]

Protein Content of Foods List

Nuts, seeds, legumes are good sources of folate

How much protein do we need to eat daily? The commonly recommended amount is around 0.8 - 1 gram for every kilogram of body weight (Nutrient Reference Values for Australia and New Zealand, Protein. 2014, 09/04.) So for me, at 54kg this equates to about 43 grams of protein per day Amino acids are … [Read more...]

Shit food that is best to avoid: Nutella.


"Hazelnut spread with cocoa"... Oh HI! you left out: "and sugar, palm oil, skim milk powder, emulsifier and flavour." This stuff is shit. The FIRST ingredient is sugar. That means it's the majority ingredient, here in Australia, in accordance with Food Standards Australia and New Zealand … [Read more...]

Which coconut oil is best to use?

This is what medium chain fatty acids look like, nothing to be scared of!

Help me choose: organic, conventional, refined, unrefined. I'm so confused! It's a lot of fat to chew, I know. In a (coco)nut shell: unrefined coconut oil retains its coconutty scent and flavour whilst refined coconut oil has been filtered to remove the scent and flavour. There is some … [Read more...]

Which fats do I use for cooking and eating?


I was raised eating margarine, big ol' plastic tubs of Meadow Lea with the bright yellow sunflower adorning its lid. Healthy golden sunflower oil! Plants! Sun! Better for you than butter! We cooked with vegetable oil too. Dad made a mean hot chip in it. Everything else that needed a lick of oil … [Read more...]

Q&A: Fibre in my kids’ diet.


Reader Q: "My son has had blood in his stools... Can I seek your input on getting more fibre into kid's diets?" K180 A: Allow me to preface this post by acknowledging that this is not a clinical consult, I do not have a family history or a diet diary. I do not have a physical picture of this … [Read more...]

Mushrooms as a source of vitamin D


The Australian Mushroom Growers commissioned me to write on the subject of mushrooms and vitamin D. I really enjoyed reading (and reading!, I went down a rabbit hole) in preparation to write this and I have lots of information to share. Mushrooms as a source of vitamin D. Mushrooms are one … [Read more...]

Becoming a nutritionist – first year


First lecture: Monday 9 - 11am, Anatomy and Physiology 1A. Second lecture: Monday 11:30 - 1:30pm, Chemistry 1A. Third lecture: Wednesday 9 - 11am, Nutrition 1A. Six hours face to face with a recommended hour for hour at home study time. So all told, suggested twelve hours per week. Three … [Read more...]