How To Use The Breeze Baby Sling

I may have taken a *few* pictures of myself using the Breeze Baby sling and posted them to Instagram in recent weeks. So much that I’ve inspired a few other Mamas to go and buy one… only to bring it home and wonder “How the feck do I use this damn sling??”

Click HERE! to see me and Juni in action for the chest-to-chest position. (Please excuse crying baby and grainy video appearance.)

I’d hazard a guess that second to the slung-over-the-back position, this one is the trickiest to get comfortable with.  It was for me and I’m a sling flingin’ kinda Mum! But I’d been hankering after a cooler (temperature wise) way to carry a tiny baby, knowing that it can get mighty hot and intolerable to wear a baby after having my first baby in the summer also.

I spent a day practicing how to position, adjust and tighten it and by the next day I was confident to use it and my familiarity with it increased daily from there, now I am an old hand at it and don’t go a day without using it.

My number one tip is to keep the ring pull up a lot higher than you think you need it ~  about at your collar bone, because once baby is in and you start pulling on the fabric to tighten it, the ring moves downward.

It’s pretty basic:

  • Ensure two thirds of the sling are the pouch for baby and the last third is fabric for pulling.
  • Position sling with ring pull up high “corsage position.”
  • Place baby inside and tuck a fair amount of the pouch fabric under baby’s bottom, but leave enough up top to pull up above baby’s shoulders.
  • Hold baby’s bottom in place with one arm whilst you pull on the fabric with the other. If the ring falls too low, shift the pouch fabric from underneath baby’s bottom until it sits high again.
  • Once you’re happy with baby’s position, pull tight on the ring, stretching the fabric out within the ring’s grip. Usually the pouch will be slacker around baby’s shoulders and you can tighten this area exclusively by pulling on the fabric closest to your face, toward your face.
  • To remove baby, loosen the ring ensuring you secure baby with one hand and lift the baby straight up and out.
Chest-to-chest from front.


(Geez, she’s grown since I took that selfie!)

But as much as I love it, there are some things about it that I don’t love and in the spirit of a fair review, I will proceed with my Breeze Baby Pros and Cons List…

+ Breeze Baby Pros

  • Light as a feather, can be scrunched up to fit inside a purse.
  • I think it’s a good price at $80 but this is likely because I use it a lot, some may find this pricey.
  • For use dry or wet: can be used to take baby into shower, bath, pool or ocean.
  • Quick to put on, no straps or buckles.
  • Ergonomic for baby.
  • Versatile: can be worn with baby lying slung across you, upright in chest-to-chest, sitting on front facing on your chest, sitting on your hip and even to secure an older child on your back like a strapped in piggy back.
  • Once mastered is very easy to use and comfortable to wear, maintaining a pretty wide range of motion however certain things such as reaching up (to hang washing for example) or bending down to pick things up will require additional hand support or sling readjustment.
  • Also easy to readjust once baby has gone to sleep and head has fallen to one side or if you need to pull baby out for a breastfeed or nappy change etc.
  • Looks stylish to wear, unlike a cumbersome Ergo.
  • Perfect for my 45-minute cat napping baby.

– Breeze Baby Cons

  • If worn for longer spells can incur back and shoulder pain, but I have been almost exclusively using this sling, multiple times per day. Also I have been wearing it with the ring pull on my left side as this is easiest for me, I could put it on my right side and just get used to it, but I haven’t disciplined myself to swap.
  • I have however started to stretch daily and in between uses as well as pulling the baby up higher on my chest, which places less stress on me as I’m not being pulled forward. And I am trying to get out for her second 45-minute nap with her in the pram, taking a break from sling wearing.
  • No shade cover attachment option such as comes with an Ergo or Bjorn, so you’ve got to put a wee hat or a muslin over baby’s head which takes away from its “Breeziness” but not a huge issue unless you’re experiencing a bloody hot summer like I currently am here in Sydney!
  • It doesn’t have a head support, so baby’s head must rest on you when it sleeps and it can roll about when you move. You can remedy this by pulling the sling up and tightening it around baby’s head but if your baby is like mine, it’ll wriggle out like a tortoise even in sleep! Juni ends up with her nose under the top of my arm pit but she seems quite comfortable and continues to sleep, it just makes it difficult to do more physical movements such as pushing your bigger child in the pram… but you solider on don’t you? Because you’re a freaking ROCK STAR MAMA!

All told apart from some muscle aches and a bit of annoyance when I’m juggling a sleeping baby in a sling and an 18kg four year old in a pram, up a hill on a hot day… I LOVE this sling and have sung its praises wherever I go.

I’m totally looking forward to Juni getting big enough to stretch her wee legs around my waist so I can wear her in the Ergo, as well as the weather cooling down so I don’t swelter with the Ergo on me, but I will continue to use the Breeze Baby for hip carry if I need to wade into the water at SP’s swimming lessons or nip down the street for a loaf of bread so on and so forth. It’s compact enough that I can pop it under the pram without taking up much storage space at all.

I give it 8.5/10: one point deducted for its potential to cause muscle pain and half a point deducted for needing to be readjusted if I get to physical when wearing it.

~Yours hoping I’ve been of assistance or at least of 1:23 seconds of light entertainment! K180, x






  1. I love the idea of this! Sadly I’m past my baby making days and when I see stuff like this I just wish I had known about it when my youngest was little. She was so clingy and she never wanted to be put down and I longed for something to help. I wasn’t in a supportive marriage at the time which meant I was just supposed to get on with it, keep the baby quiet and take care of a three year old as well. It’s great that you are sharing all this wonderful info. Even though it’s all tweens and teens for me right now, I still really enjoy reading about baby land :-)

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