Immunity Boosting for Tired Mamas

Fellow Front-Liners, battle-weary comrades, sisters from other misters I am here for you.

Now is the time of year when the weather turns and the bugs get all broody and start replicating and spreading all over school and day care etc. and you end up playing Nurse as well as ALL the other gazillion things you have to do with each day.

And then you get sick. Sick and tired, quite literally. It’s the absolute pits because can YOU call in sick to motherhood? Erm, no. You would probably have to be in a coma before you could take a day off.

Reaching for that bottle of wine every night as you munch your way through something white/grainy during dinner prep seems positively within your rights as a multi-tasking wonder woman but if you’re poorly it’s not going to keep you in front.

Here are my tips for boosting your immune system this lurgy season:

Focus on the nutrients A, D, Omega-3, Zinc and Vitamin C.

A is the ANTIVIRAL nutrient. Also anti oxidant. Also integrity of mucous membranes which keeps the nose and throat in check against airborne and droplet infectious agents.

D is the DEAL for the T cells of the immune system (T cells are white blood cells: disease fighting cells), also vitamin required for cell turnover: rapid cell division. Growth and wound healing in particular. Wounds don’t just have to be open cuts on the skin, they can be inflammed inner parts of the body too.

Omega-3s are fully PHAT. We need them to balance out the omega-6s that are so abundant in our diet. Omega-6s lead to inflammatory conditions: inflammatory conditions allow for entry of infectious agents into our blood stream: then we get poorly. Omega-3s are also anti-oxidants ~ they kill baddies.

Zinc is ZIPADEEDOODAH for immunity. It has totally important jobs to play in the structure of cell membranes: the better the membrane the better the function: the better the function the less chance of being poorly. Also important for protein structure and hormones. Very good for cranky women situations.

Vitamin C is like, C’MON you know you’ve gotta up the Cs when infections are around. Antioxidant, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, integrity of connective tissue and mucous membranes.

Great, thanks Katie but like just tell me what to take please.

**Okay, but remember I am not your personal practitioner, you still need to see a person if you think you’re quite poorly and if you’re on medications check that they are all tickety-boo with nutrients at the pharmacy when you fill your script.**

1. Vitamin A: 5000 – 10 000 IU per day (stick to 5000 if pregnant or TTC.)

2. Vitamin D: 2000 IU per day.

3. Omega-3 EPA and DHA: 1000 – 3000mg per day.

NOT just fish oil 1000mg per capsule, LOOK at the EPA and DHA content per capsule and multiply until you get at least 1000mg of these.

Most over the counter fish oil capsules will contain a total of 300mg of EPA and DHA so you’d need to take THREE of these. Do you get me? Most “1000mg fish oils” are 300mg of EPA and DHA floating around in 700mg of bog standard fish oil. So choose a high potency, high quality fish oil supplement…
ā†’My top picks: Phytocare Fresh Catch Oils or Chia Gel // Nordic Naturals Fish Oils // Stoney Creek Flaxseed Oils // Ethical Nutrients // Blackmores.

4. Zinc: 30 – 50mg per day.

5. Vitamin C: 1000 – 3000mg per day in divided doses (500mg x 6 or 1000mg x 3.)

So don’t go to a supermarket to buy supplements. Just don’t. Make a trip into a health food store and speak to the staff, if you’re going to hand over your dollars you want to ensure you’re doing so with guidance. If you can’t afford everything at once, get the zinc in a formula such as Ethical Nutrients Immune Defense and buy Vitamin C also, a 500mg or 1000mg tablet.

Ok so get on it. Every day, don’t miss a day. Line ’em up and take ’em. And don’t wait until you ARE sick, take them to stop from GETTING sick or at least to reduce the severity of an infection.

We’ll talk foods next time.

~Yours in Immunity and Community, K180, x


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  1. Thanks, will be looking into some of these you recommended! I try to get my boost of all the above you listed from food and juices rather than take supplements. I know for the majority of the nation it’s not that simple šŸ˜‰ But I REALLY need to get onto fish oil! x

    • Katie180 says:

      I agree Jackie: Food first. BUT it’s time consuming and expensive to eat all organic, seasonal produce prepared freshly each day. Even I find that a challenge and stress if I don’t manage it. But when it comes to knocking bugs on the head, supplementing at higher doses is a better option than taking meds in my opinion!


  2. This is very ace. Thanks so much!

  3. After a bout of serious fatigue and other things, I visited a naturopath to help me get back to full strength, and this has been my daily cocktail with the occasional extra thrown in. Two years on and I am much, much better. Highly recommend other tired and busy mummies follow the same protocol – it really does work!

  4. Hi. Great advice. Thanks. What about for children? Say a two year old? Should I be giving her supplements? Winter means ear infections galore :(

    • Katie180 says:

      Yes Bec you can supplement in young children. I’d get her on a chewable vitamin C and some kiddie-appropriate omega-3s just for basic anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting. Vitamin A for ear infections for SURE so maybe if you can sneak some cod liver oil into a smoothie or mix it with some honey and see if you can get it straight into her gob? Buy the Fresh Catch cod liver oil from Phytocare:

  5. Thank the good lord cheebus for supplements. And thank him for you.

    • Katie180 says:

      Dear Lord,

      Thank you for the supplements and for widdle ol’ me.
      And please bless Veggie Mama NO more lurgy this winter.


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