Omega-3s ~ more please!

I have written once before on the subject of essential fatty acids and after this post I am likely to do so again. I’ll twist it up each time with a different tone or the like but I’m not in the habit of keeping my mouth shut when something is important to say…

And omega-3s are important dammit!

Now I got to thinking about all the chatter and excitement centered around certain diets and instead of letting my head explode a little bit with frustration, I looked deeper and asked myself “What would Jesus do?” NAH, just kidding! I asked myself “Why do you think people do these diets Katie? What do you suppose they are seeking, hoping for?” (which is kind of Jesus-like anyways.)

Because they want to get healthy. They want to lose weight, have more energy, shift some toxic load, improve their general well being etc. And there ‘aint nothing wrong with that.

I would not be bullshitting you to tell you that omega-3s are able to help your body do all of these things!

But first let’s talk about how omega-3s are essential fatty acids (EFAs)

Essential refers to the fact that the animals who eat them do not posses the ability to produce them on their own: as in, they can’t piece them together from constituents of other nutrients that they eat.

Think about the amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. Animal flesh provides complete protein (contains all twenty amino acids) but a non-meat eater can put together complete protein within their body if they eat from a wide variety of plant sources of protein which provide the twenty amino acids in total.

Or consider glucose ~ it can be acquired via the metabolism of not only carbohydrates (the body’s preferred and easiest to get at sources of glucose) but also fats and proteins if need be.

The essential fatty acids cannot be synthesised by the body for the body: they must be input via the diet. And this goes not only for humans but for the animal food sources of omega-3s that we rely on for our food sources of omega-3s. Kind of like how free range livestock tastes better or organic eggs are have richer coloured yolks and taste like proper eggs. Good eggs, you might say. If the animals we eat consume a good diet then the nutritional value of the food they provide us is ACE!

So let’s think a step further about the diet of farmed salmon and tuna, conventionally raised beef and egg-laying chooks. You reckon they’re reliable and good sources of omega-3s for your diet? Nup.

The animals have to eat it from algae and plankton in the sea or well nourished grasses, roots and seeds on the pasture. They’re not going to get it from manufactured cereal meal or (possibly) genetically modified grain feed are they? Nup.

OK, so truth #1: omega-3s are essential fatty acids that must be consumed in the diet from reliable sources.

Here are some of those reliable sources:

  • Flax seeds (linseed)
  • Chia seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Walnuts
  • Sea vegetables
  • Very dark green leafy vegetables
  • Soy
  • Wild salmon, trout, mackerel, herring, sardines
  • Cod liver oil
  • Wild game

IF you are not eating a diet that features these foods regularly then you’d be wise to supplement. I have written about my preferred omega-3 supplements right about here!

And so concludes today’s post. Think on it, look into whereabouts you can procure better sources of the foods which are commonly (commercially) touted to be rich sources of omega-3s, eat seeds and walnuts and if you have a tub of fish oil capsules gathering dust in your kitchen, do dust them off, take at least three per day and keep them in the fridge because omega-3s are unstable at room temperature OK?

~Yours with essential fatty love, K180, x













  1. How did you know I had a packet of fish oil tablets gathering dust in my pantry? Thanks for the reminder, I have been so slack. I was all over omega-3s for a long time but my diet these days is less wild salmon and more cheese on toast!

    • I am all seeing and all knowing! šŸ˜‰ Pretty much every patient I ever saw in student clinic and every one I know who takes fish oil is vigilant to begin with then ends up with an unopened tub on their kitchen bench. x

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