Ten Simple Ways to Detox.

TEN SIMPLE DETOXIFICATION MEASURES… You can put into place pretty much straight away that don’t involve coffee enemas, handfuls of pills or watery soup.

1. Purify drinking water by using a water filter and drink 8 – 10 glasses per day to soften stools, flush toxins through the kidneys and provide a watery medium in which to transport nutrients and wastes

2. Include and increase food sources of antioxidants:

  • Carotenoids found in carrots, pumpkin, tomato watermelon, spinach, bok choy, capsicum and rocket
  • Vitamin C found in citrus fruits, berries, broccoli, kiwi fruit, guavas, mangoes, melons, rocket and spinach
  • Vitamin E found in vegetable and wheatgerm oil, pecans, walnuts, hazlenuts, avocados, olives and eggs
  • Flavanoids found in berries, apples, citrus fruits, broccoli, garlic, onion, tea, oregano and potatoes
  • Lignans found in linseeds, sesame seeds and legumes
  • Catechins found in berries, turmeric, cloves, cinnamon and tea
  • Indoles found in broccoli and Brussels sprouts
  • Isothiocyanantes found in horseradish, mustard and radishes


3. Help your large intestine do its job by supplementing your diet with natural bulking and softening agents such as psyllium husks, slippery elm bark and also by eating lots of fibrous fruit and vegetables.

4. Eat live yoghurt and supplement with pro-biotics or acidophilus powder to colonise the gut with beneficial bacteria.

5. Invest in a juicer and start making fresh juices: a nutrient-dense beverage that will assist in detoxification and immune boosting. A juice fast day once every month comprising fresh juices* is an easy and safe way to ensure the gut and bowel empty and all nutrients are maximally absorbed and utilized.

*And filtered water, herbal teas (no milk) and lightly steamed vegetables with brown rice for dinner.

6. Get out of bed early on Saturday mornings and visit your local organic/grower’s/farmer’s markets to purchase seasonal, fresh and preferably organic produce. Seasonal organic produce has higher levels of antioxidants, higher nutrient content and better taste!

7. Enjoy relaxing salt baths (Epsom or just rock salt), which will draw toxins from the skin and also dry-brush your skin to stimulate lymph flow.

8. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, processed grains, processed sugars, take-away food, frozen meals, fried foods as these foods are packed full of immune-challenging non-nutrients and toxins in the form of colourings, additives, flavour enhancers, preservatives, anti-caking agents and many other “numbers.”

Replace tea and coffee with herbal teas such as dandelion, nettle, Rooibos, peppermint, rosehip, lemon and ginger etc. not only will these teas offer the hot drink satisfaction but they are digestive stimulants, kidney cleansers, nervous system relaxants and immune enhancers.

9. Avoid or protect self from exposure to domestic, commercial, industrial and environmental chemicals and radiation.

10. QUIT smoking: NOW! Seek professional help for this if need be. And do it consciously and with a positive approach that you are making a significant change to your health.

~Yours getting to the end of a blog post without using the F-word. K180, x


  1. Love the list in point two. It’s always great to see the science-y names next to real practical items. Nice work Katie!

  2. Useful list Katie! Damn those strawberries look good.

  3. Kate Morell says:

    Kind of simple, isn’t it really? When you look at all the (expensive) products and programs available… really is simply healthy eating… thanks for this post Katie!

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