The way to the Heart is through the Stomach.

“In 2011, the leading underlying cause of death for all Australians was Ischaemic heart disease (I20-I25), which includes angina, blocked arteries of the heart and heart attacks.

Ischaemic heart diseases were identified as the underlying cause of 21,513 deaths, 14.6% of all deaths registered in 2011.”

~ Australian Bereau of Statistics, Causes of Death, Australia, 2011.

I was just thinking back to last year when I made heart shaped scones with whipped coconut cream (clicky here to view that recipe) and I kind of sighed inwardly at how I’ve left it too late to make anything heart shaped or remotely original for Valentine’s Day munching.

But then I thought of how I might share the above statistic with you instead. Happy Valentine from Me, ha! :)

I wonder what percentage of those deaths were preventable by diet and lifestyle alone? I’m gonna take a swing at it and suggest that most of them were.

Death by Diet. It’s a crying, crying shame. And the beast that is over eating and under moving is being fed right up to its eyeballs with low fat margarine, sugar free soft drinks and low carb crisp breads. It’s a total crock of fat, bubbling shit.

We know SO much about how to keep ourselves from developing diet related chronic illness but we end up in line at the pharmacy for our statins, blood thinners and metformin anyways don’t we??

You can live with disease today, just take this here pill.

Fuck off! What are we like?? Losing our connection to the land, to the origin of our food, losing the skills to prepare and cook it, losing touch with the earth ~ our feet soft, our middles round.

You’ve probably heard about the Mediterranean Diet and how healthy it is? ~ largely attributed to the abundance of fresh produce, grains, nuts and only moderate intake of meat and eggs. BUT they also worked hard yeah? Farmed, tilled the earth, moved their bodies, cooked from scratch, used brooms not leaf blowers, danced on the weekends, their kids ran about being kids. This diet is an historical diet, it’s likely far less adhered to by the current generation but you get the picture.

It’s nothing new and there won’t be anything new to replace the common fucking sense that is eat well and exercise.

  • If there’s a family history of high cholesterol I suggest getting your blood lipids checked so that you can have a reference point.
  • If you know you have high cholesterol I suggest taking steps to reduce this via dietI will write a post dedicated to this for you.
  • If you are overweight, particularly in the abdominal area, I suggest opening your fridge and pantry and purging it of all shit. Then start simply by increasing your daily intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and also plain water.
  • If you are afraid of eating butter instead of margarine please don’t be. Butter is real food, margarine is not. Good fats beget good fats: the better quality of dietary fat you consume, the better quality of biological fats you can manufacture. Better still, try cold pressed oils, seed or nut spreads or avocados where you can.
  • We know now that inflammatory response to pro-inflammatory dietary fats underlies cardiovascular disease: poor quality dietary fats set off a pathway of inflammation in the vessels then the heart muscle can’t get oxygen and it struggles to pump. As a result all tissues of the body are deprived of oxygen too and then you get breathless just tying a shoelace and eventually you have a heart attack and then one day you die in the same way that MOST Australians did last time they reviewed the records.

Don’t be a statistic: rage, rage against the dying of the light! And eat well. And exercise. And take your shoes off when you get home, take the hose out and water the garden, look up at the sky and be thankful.

~Yours getting right to the heart of it, K180, x











  1. You are bloody awesome. I overcomplicate things when it’s really just so simple. Thank you. xx

    P.S. I’ve got my walking gear on to go as soon as the husband is home.

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