Make Your Own Chocolate Freckles

Chocolate Freckles ‘eh? stuff of childhood.

That is, until Haigh’s opened up on George Street a few years back and I discovered their version of the chocolate freckle ~ the chocolate speckle. Then I was all “Who gives a shit if I’m in my thirties I’m gonna munch me the bejeebers outta this bag of chocolate speckles!”

Misshapen, thick discs of Haigh’s chocolate generously coated in no-artificial colours 100’s and 1000’s ~ The Bomb! I buy a packet from time to time and COVET them, at $8 a packet they’re not cheap but they are worth it. Totally.

I couldn’t even eat a regular chocolate freckle anymore, they are inferior. Sorry Allen’s but it’s the cold, hard truth. And SP agrees with me; occasionally she gets them in a party favours bag or the like and they get licked then handed over to me with a disappointed look on her face.

And I don’t want any kids licking and returning their party bag favours at SP’s party next weekend ~ so dammit I did what I had to do! I found a happy medium between the expensive Haigh’s Speckle and the cost effective but disappointingly not very chocolatey at all and really rather feeble Allen’s Freckle.

I got my double boiler on and I made my own didn’t I? (A test batch to ensure quality.)

Quality Control.

Quality Control.

They were so easy and so good! And I am excited to make them again as party bag stuffers for SP’s 4th birthday next weekend, except I’m going to make them bigger using standard sized cupcake patty cases and then I am going to wrap them individually a bit like this…

Oooh-er a giant speckle ALL for me, yippee!

Oooh-er a giant speckle ALL for me, yippee!

Or I might buy the wee cellophane baggies from the Newsagent if I can be bothered, I am not sure yet. It’s day by day as to how much care factor I apply to such things at this point of pregnancy.


How To Make Your Own Chocolate Speckles

  1. Buy the BEST quality chocolate you can afford and it is better if it’s actual eating chocolate because you are making confectionery, not a cake. I used a 200 gram block and it yielded about 30 from the miniature cupcake patty cases.
  2. Line a mini muffin tin with the mini cupcake patty cases and spoon 1 teaspoon of 100’s and 1000’s into each. It’s up to you but I use the non-artificial coloured 100’s and 1000’s. OR you could drop a few Smarties in?!
  3. Melt chocolate over a double boiler and stir until smooth. Remove from heat.
  4. Using a teaspoon, drop melted chocolate quickly into each case, as thick as you fancy. I fancy them thick! 😉
  5. Pop into the fridge to cool and set.
  6. When ready, take the tray to the edge of the kitchen sink and remove cases over the sink ~ trust me.
  7. Eat at least four.
  8. Transfer to a storage container and keep in the fridge.
Step 1.

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 2.

Ever vigilant assistant.

Ever vigilant assistant.

Ready for the big reveal...

Ready for the big reveal…



I’m now thinking of using white chocolate and dying it pink or dark chocolate and adding orange or coffee essence. I’m also thinking of spreading the chocolate out onto a lined tray, sprinkling it all over with 100’s and 1000’s then allowing it to set somewhat in the fridge before removing it and using a cookie cutter to make hearts and stars etc.

I’m very excited!

Can you believe I am hosting a four-year old’s birthday party at 37 weeks pregnant? And that I’m making my own party bag stuffers? And that I have to find a way to decorate a cake to look like planet Earth because SP is like, so into the solar system right now and she has requested Earth for her cake “Because it’s the THIRD planet from the sun Mummy, and I am going from THREE to FOUR!” The Husbro has been on pinata duty, hand crafting a giant planet Mars paper maiche “Because Daddy, Mars is the FOURTH planet from the sun and I’m turning FOUR!” Lord, hear our prayers.


~Yours with the remaining test batch of chocolate speckles under lock down, K180, x




  1. Dark chocolate speckles are one in my Haighs top three alongside dark macadamias and dark almonds for a sneaky treat for my top drawer at work. This looks like a fun little project to give my older girls this afternoon :) T xx

  2. Oh my yum! So going to try these.
    What a great idea.

    • Anything this yum and this easy is a winner with toddlers afoot! I’m totally planning pink dyed versions w’ flavour essences etc. :)

  3. It’s been a while since I’ve made lollie bags, apparently teenagers think they’re so not cool!! Anyhoo this has re-ignited my passion and I just might make these for his upcoming 16th :) Have fun with the bday celebration x

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